All your building information in your pocket.
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All your building information in your pocket.
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News, views, updates and new feature releases
Welcome to the future of building information.
Digitally store, search, share and update building and asset data.

Information relating to; building structures, spaces, assets, BIM data, warranties, certificates, instruction manuals, mortgage documents and much more can now be shared easily with facility and asset management teams, endusers and tenants to reduce lifecycle costs.

Our vision is to organise the world’s building information.

It’s a bold vision, but one we believe in to help better inform and provide information digitally, allowing users to not only operate and maintain facilities at their fingertips, but to ensure information is stored and shared securely to create an owners digital lifetime asset record.

Operance reduces time wasted on searching through archives, paper filled ring binders, pdf filled CD’s and internet search engines, preventing the replacement of mixed, ill-fitting components and poor maintenance helping to reduce lifecycle costs, whilst ensuring reliable estates legacy knowledge remains in the organisation beyond staff turnover.

The Problem
Unstructured, inaccurate, and stagnant information.

For decades, contractors have handed-over ring-binders full of non-defined, unstructured and unvalidated information about buildings to asset owners, facility managers and caretakers.

Information provided is supposed to help end-users operate and maintain their new building, instead, they frustrate and confuse.

Whether they be paper filled ring binders or pdf filled CD building manuals, information is often difficult to find, out-of-date and simply incorrect with an inability to update; resulting in the information provided becoming useless.

The Solution
Organised, accessible and simple live data.

Operance better informs those responsible for managing, operating, maintaining and utilising buildings, securely storing information on one of the world’s most secure cloud servers, allowing you to search, update, favourite and share data and documentation direct from your phone.

Say goodbye to traditional paper O&M manuals, wasted office space, huge amounts of pointless paper and squandered hardrive space.

Say hello to the future of building information with Operance providing all your information at your fingertips, available anytime, anywhere.

Got BIM?
Don't know what to do with models beyond construction?

Operance helps clients acheive a greater long-term return on their BIM investment by simplifying and ‘humanising’ BIM data, making it useful beyond project completion.

Rather than see BIM models gather dust in the same way as traditional ring binder O&M manuals, Operance enables endusers, including caretakers and even tenants, to easily find and update information from a BIM model, such as; boiler manufacturer details, specifications, maintenance information and more, without needing to navigate complicated 3D BIM models.

Users need not know what BIM is or where the information came from!

To do this, we simply upload your model into Operance and provide the information you need via our app, no complicated visuals, no jargon, just simple O&M information.

What’s more, Operance becomes the secure cloud server in which to store, share and update all your BIM models. This ensures your models are not only safe, but that O&M information is constantly updated following authorised design changes.
Free BIM Model Upload
Contact us to arrange the upload and access of your simplified building information.

Features of Operance
Operance enables you to search, save and share your building information relating to:

Facility specific information such as design, structure, planned performance, location, capacity and more.


Area unique data relating to dimensions, volume, room numbering, space naming, floor plans and space utilisation.


Searchable information relating to specifications, manufacturer details, quantities, measurements, cleaning & maintenance instructions, health & safety information.


Centrally stored and accessible documentation such as; condition surveys, soft landing commissioning certificates, insurance, warranties and operating manuals.


Multi-building, combined estates information such as collective number of components to enable more efficient bulk procurement assessment and ordering processes.