Bimshow Live 2020 Submission

Bimshow Live 2020 Submission

Operance lands top speaking spot!

We’re talking for the first time at Bimshow Live, the UK’s premier BIM conference, about how automation can help speed up and improve the collation of quality O&M data. Here’s a taster of things to come;

Call to Papers Submission

There are two types of BIM models;

  1. Those with incomplete data.

Which begs the question, is some data better than no data?


Our talk focuses on the importance of ‘Big Data’ being more than just about ‘Data’ and how data science could help rid the world of inadequate data.


Whilst BIM data is plentiful and (should) be easy to collect, the real value is in the structure, relationships, analytics and ultimately, the end-users need and utilisation of data, otherwise as the speakers Ian Yeo and Scott Pilgrim will ask the audience, what’s the point?

Using one screen for providing achingly simple graphics, Ian will deliver his Top 6 data science and Big BIM Data insights. Stealing and using a second screen, Scott will interact with the audience by encouraging them to get involved with their phones and the use of to dispel some myths and take a stab at some BIM and data related statistics, before Ian presents the facts.

Yes, it’s a techy talk on data science, but by experienced BIM managers that have learnt the dark arts in order to not only deliver better data for their clients, but also to create BIM management and coordination hacks that result in less time collating, structuring and validating data.

It’s a swift, interactive tour around the combustion engine that is the BIM model, proving how with the right data, the BIM driver will experience a much smoother ride and how clients experience far greater data quality!