Our building information and asset management features …

Unlock your BIM models and operate and maintain your buildings, creating more effective facilities management

Finally, a simple and lightning-quick
way to find building information.


Edit everything from room naming
to warranty expiry dates and much more.


Provide access and send information
to colleagues and suppliers.


Use asset information to manage simple
maintenance workflows and compliance alerts.

A single source of truth for your buildings

Simpler than a CAFM system; Operance provides all your building information and structured uniform data all in one place … building information management made easy

Add Spaces
Digitise your estate by adding all your buildings, floors and spaces, updating as you develop, remodel and extend.
Create Tasks
Create simple maintenance tasks and reminders against particular assets or buildings, floors and spaces.
Add Attachments
Add documents (pdf's, Word, Excel etc), photos, hyperlinks and more, placing all your information in one place.
Search Information
Filter or keyword search every and any piece of information relating to your building that you wish to store.
Edit Information
Keep all your information up to date and relevant by editing names, descriptions, dates, locations, values and replacements.
Share Information
Provide access to building and asset information by sharing 'spec-sheets' with internal and external colleagues.
Too many formats, too much chaos.

Think about it: where are your architectural drawings, mortgage documents, instruction manuals, warranties, test certificates, boiler manufacturer details… a digital asset management solution to meet your needs

Dispose of ring-binders by scanning and uploading paper documents directly to your app.
Attach files such as PDF's, Word and Excel directly against relevant buildings, floors, spaces and assets.
Remove the risk of knowledge leaving your organisation by recording and updating information.
BIM data
Upload BIM models to utilise asset and COBie information without needing any BIM knowledge.
Digitise your building today
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Full access including two example projects and data to browse!