Task Management

Task Management
The most requested new feature is here.
Our new Task Management feature enables users to utilise
O&M information to create tasks and notifications!
Maximise the value of your assets

Unlock the potential of your O&M information and BIM COBie data with our new Operance Task Management and Notifications feature. For the first time, users can create tasks directly against assets to maximise their value by keeping them well maintained and your building safe, all whilst reducing lifecycle costs.

A simple and cost effective alternative to CAFM & BIM platforms.

Contractors historically provided O&M information in either paper or pdf formats, meaning information provided was of little use in terms of being able to ‘use’ data provided to plan and manage actual operations and maintenance tasks.

Information would have to be read, then typed into a facilities management platform, refered to as a Comupter Aided Facilities Mangement (CAFM) system, usually resulting in high costs in terms of both license purchasing and user training.

CAFM systems are not only expensive, manually adding assets into them is also incredibly time consuming as buildings usually have over 10,000 assets as a minimum!

With the introduction of BIM, you may be lucky enough to receive digital information about your assets in the form of Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) data. This removes the need to input asset information manually as data inputted into ‘COBie sheets’ (usually a populated Excel spreadsheet) can simply be imported into CAFM sytems, depending on your legacy CAFM system, some do require an additional 3rd-party software tool.

In either case, should you update your asset data through task management, your original O&M source of information is now out of date and requires seperatley updating and synchronizing. In the case of paper and pdf this is of course practically impossible and in respect of BIM, this requires additioanl expense by way of BIM model viewing and editing tools, knowledge and training.

With Operance, you simply find the asset you require and add a task against it. That’s it, simple! No extraction, no expensive annual CAFM or BIM costs, no seperate updating, training, nothing.

Organise your maintenace workflow
Operance Task Management

To add a task against an asset (let’s say your boiler) simply;

  1. Search for your boiler through the home screen search filter, or directly via the keyord search bar.
  2. Press the new “+” button and then the task list icon.
  3. Provide a task name and description before catorising it as either an urgent ‘Reactive’ task (i.e. replace boiler ignition) or a planned ‘Proactive’ task (i.e. book in boiler service) and press confirm.

That’s it, we’ll send you a reminder when the task is due! Keep an eye out for our new Task Centre (currently in final stages of devleopment) where you can view, edit and track all your tasks in one place. Here’s a cheeky sneak preview of the current design…

Operance Task Management
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